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Easy Magic You Can Do!
Volume 1   $15.00

Be the life of your next party by Learning to master 10 tricks from volume 1
Tricks: Hanky through Glass / Pencil through Bill / Magic Printing / Pencil through Hanky / Knife to Fork / Bending Fork / Haunted Hanky / The Vanishing Coin / Color Changing Napkins / The Magic Straw

Easy Magic You Can Do!
Volume 2  $15.00

Cecil Lewis Presents another big hit with Volume 2 of Easy Magic You Can Do!
Tricks: Card Warp / Pencil through Dollar Note / Coin in Bottle / Moving Finger Ring Mystery / Traveling Coin / Ring on String / Traveling Paper Balls / Floating Pencil / Magic Printing with a Card / Balancing Note

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Cecil Lewis

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